"I believe God has a dream for your life. Dreamculture.tv is dedicated to helping you develop the power of that dream! Whether through our online learning center, online mentorship, hosted events, and other offerings we want to tap into God's dream for you and resource you to fulfill that dream."

-Jamie Galloway

Dream Culture.tv

What is a Dream Culture?

  • Learning

    Go to School with us! We are a modular-based learning community designed to resource you with the understanding needed to grow in the dream God has for your life. Every Dream Culture member is given access to every E-Course available as part of the community. Along with our growing library of E-Courses you will receive live mentoring from Jamie Galloway and others.

  • Tribe

    A relational tribe connected with each other and learning what it means to grow together and understand the dream God has for His people. You will be given access to our private member Facebook group and connect with others who are learning through E-Courses and online mentoring!

  • Discovery

    While we are all connected, we are also unique! God has given you a unique ID and gifts that will help you walk out your destiny. Dream Culture.tv is designed to help you better understand your identity as a Son or Daughter of God and become aware of the gifts God has given you!

Individual Courses Or Dream Culture Membership